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Published on June 16 2015

This is a very interesting article that tells us about how to improve our performance through pinpointing to those habits that marr this performance. Downloaded from: 


2 ways you’re sabotaging your career

By Jacquelyn Smith


We all have bad habits. Sometimes we we’re not even aware of them, or the effect they have on our lives or careers.

“In fact, many of us have habits that sabotage our relationships, work flow, productivity, and bottom line results,” says Sylvia Hepler, a career development specialist and author of “Learning Leadership Through Loss.” “They can also sabotage our professional future.”

Here are 12 common bad habits and behaviors that can seriously hurt your career:

1. Criticizing your boss.

Whispering behind his back, carping to her face, or making your supervisor out to be wrong, pathetic, or inept puts you in the danger zone, Hepler says. “If you’re doing this, don’t expect to land a promotion or last there.”

2. Acting as if you can’t learn anything new.

Putting yourself out there as a know-it-all not only earns you the label of arrogant and thwarts your ability to seize opportunities for growth and development, she explains.

3. Blaming others.

“Pointing fingers at somebody else because you lack necessary skills, experience, appropriate behaviors, or sound judgment causes others in your world to view you as disagreeable,” says Hepler. “Unlikeable people rarely advance.”

4. Wearing your emotions on your sleeve.

Going overboard with disruptive displays of anger, whines of frustration, and dramatic tears usually sends messages of warning to bosses, staff, and peers, she says. “People may conclude that you can’t manage your feelings, and that’s never a good thing.”

5. Telling yourself you can’t do something.

This is a mindset that positions you to shoot yourself in the foot. Convincing yourself that you can’t accomplish a certain task or project guarantees that you will fail, warns Hepler.

6. Complaining.

“Chronic complainers generally focus on the problems at hand rather than on the potential solutions,” she explains. “Instead of moaning about policies, processes, and people, accept what you cannot change or make recommendations for positive change.”

7. Waiting for the ‘perfect moment.’

“Quite bluntly, procrastinators don’t do what needs to be done, when it ought to be done,” says Hepler. “If you’re holding out for ideal circumstances, be prepared to be seen as someone who is incapable of stepping up to the plate.”

8. Viewing yourself as inferior.

Your lack of confidence is a recipe for career stagnation and discontent, she says. “Hesitation, passivity, and timidity are turnoffs to employers.”

Of course, being too confident can also be detrimental.

9. Hating your current job.

Cynical feelings about your job impede both your desire and ability to show up and perform at the level for which you are paid. “You’d be wise to switch into neutral and concentrate on the tolerable aspects of your work,” she suggests.

10. Believing you can’t find a better job.

“Did you know that your beliefs drive your actions?” Hepler asks. “Believe and trust that right now you have skills and experience that somebody else needs and wants.”

11. Choosing to remain silent.

Every time you decide to keep your innovative ideas to yourself, avoid asking clarifying questions, or accept poor company policy, you send the message that you’re a doormat or largely disengaged, she says. “Typically, responsible and active participation is rewarded at work.”

12. Coasting until retirement.

If you’re in float mode, think about the legacy you want to leave behind, she suggests. ” Others don’t remember — or care about — what you accomplished last year when they observe your bare minimum effort now.”

How to fix it

“It’s difficult for most of us to recognize our sabotaging behaviors in the workplace,” adds Hepler. “This is because we are human, and all human beings, regardless of job title or salary, have blinders.”

“The best way to identify the habits and actions that hold us back is to seek input from folks we trust,” she says. Schedule lunch with a colleague who interacts with you rather extensively every day. Create a comfortable conversational atmosphere and ask that individual to be honest with you. Explain how their observations can benefit both you and the organization at large.

“Whatever your sabotaging habit or action, understand that it prompts people to dislike, avoid, discount, and mistrust you. When this happens, opportunities have a way of passing you by,” Hepler warns.

This article is published in collaboration with Business Insider. Publication does not imply endorsement of views by the World Economic Forum.

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Author: Jacquelyn Smith joined Business Insider as the careers editor in February 2014.

Image: A share trader reacts while checking share prices. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach.

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Published on September 23 2014 

Can we blame a person for changing their mind? Don't say / believe that time teaches us that truth is an instable notion? What was true yesterday may not betrue today :/ tomorrow. If any lesson to be drawn from this is that when you are listening to a politician speaking bear in mind that what is said by the person is, indeed, constrained by the circumstances, tThat's for one.The second thing is to positively re-evaluate that saying of our forefathers which I translate as follows 'Better think a thousand times before you use the knife"   (مائة تخميمة و تخميمة و لا ضربة بالمقس ). I guess that is some piece of advice that can't be adopted by any politician on earth, let alone ours. 


Let me make myself clear, I am not advocating that politics and saying the truth don't go together. On the contrary I do advocate that politics, the world of politics, won't get into the heart of people in the absence of an approach based on truth. Do you want us to belong, talk to us using a language full of truth. Many people, including Moroccans, don't get involved into politics (including the voting part of it) mainly because of the lack of truth in the mouth of politicians. Throughout time, those in politics have succeeded into establishing a very close link between their politics and the lack of the necessity to tell the truth. This is something that should change in the world of today. The world of today has a stronger 'memory' than that of the past.

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Published on September 23 2014

A dear friend of mine facebooked this web site ( As one could see from the link, this is a site that promises to tell you about the country that best fits your personality. I was so tempted to have an idea about this country that best fits my personality that I had no second thoughts and tried immediately.

My personality was defined bu this site in the following terms:

    "You are driven in life by the search for meaning and have a passion for culture and religion. You are a deeply spiritual person who thrives in an environment where people question their existence and devote themselves to a higher sense of being. You enjoy a stimulating environment and do best when you are challenged, mentally, and spiritually. You see life as an adventure and enjoy conversing with others on the big philosophical questions of life. Whether you are spending time in a bustling market, or meditating in a quiet garden, you are nourished by a society that is devoted to serving others.

If my personality scan did not really surpris me, the choice of India as a country did. I have always thought, and grown up to think, that this country is some sense of the word a very conventional kind of society. A country which is claimed to have , intellectually speaking, found all the answers to all the questions related to whatever might be challenging to Man, be it of a spiritual or an a mental nature. That's why and contrary to the trend of those responding to their country of choice by this "application" I am not going to INdia and I am staying where I think I belong. Actually, I have always felt that I belong here where I live nowand have always refused / turned down attempts at making me move to some other place.

Part of  me (or should I say , of my personality) is my country of birth. Don't ask me to rationalize this, I can't. I just have this very strong feeling that I belong here where I live. I have this impression that if I move elsewhere I will be a foreigner. And this is something that, I guess, nobody wants to experience for the rest of their life. You may, and I do, accept to be so for a short period of time. But, it really has to be short. Any country other than yours will alwys be a foreign country for you and even foreigners living there will / would consider you a foreigner or findind it starnge when you try to behave as a non-foreigner. An Armenian  I met in Los Angeles once told me that he found it uncceptable that we (Arabs of his acquintances) talk to each other even when we are from the same country, in English. He said that this is something Armeniains would never do according to him. What is interesting about this ancdote is that we have here a forigner (maybe a permanent resident alien in the US) who is voicing his concern that we are foreigners and we should stick to our foreigness. beign a foreigner can only be of the devil as this quote from Steinbeck East of Eden suggests: “...They said I looked like a foreign devil; they said I spoke like a foreign devil. I made mistakes in manners, and I didn't know delicacies that had grown up since my father left. They wouldn't have me. You can believe it or not - I'm less foreign here than I was in China.” 

― John SteinbeckEast of Eden

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Published on November 20 2013

It' has been quite awhile that I have ot invited myself to this blog. My reason for this is that I got myself caught is so many things that when I look back at it now I can't help but observe how crazy I have been. One should definitely pace down and "savourer" every moment of their life. We, by definition, cannot carry out  all the things we would love to achieve. How can we when we know that we do not devote the necessary time to these things?

There are so many things that I would still love to do but I have t stop and decide which ones deserve one'sattention.  I am not sure what my future decisions would look like but definitely I am goign to be different. I am going to be different. I have to. I can't help but be different if I want to make the most of what's left. Yeah, Abdelkbir is lurking behind and doing his job, I guess.

Nobody knows for  sure that they are going to live for long but everybody wants just that. We dislike to be reminded that the final trip can be sudden. It's a trip that life should have prpeared us for.  But it does not. We end our life story so suddenly and so abruptly that our people do not take this in very easily, the way they should. They should know that evryone goes there, evrything is destined for that final trip. I hate using the word 'die', I 'll use 'leave' instead or some other more acceptable term. It's more acceptable, for me at least. Don't ask me why because I don't know. I would love to saty with the belief that this only leaving and nothing more. The idea probably has its roots in the belief that there is something on the other side, that it is not the end when you leave but rather it's a kind of start.

I remember once I was on board a taxi in Casablanaca and we started, the taxi driver and myself, chatting about things. One thing I would never forget is his description of life. He said that life is to be likened to a would-bebride. As soon as she gets  beautiful, she leaves; and she does this very quickly. You know the kind of feeling that parents / family have when they attend the wedding ceremony and witness the beginning of the change in the relation with the person. She already starts being part of another world. At times, she gets completely involved with that new world and devotes less and less time and attention to her old one. 

I have extended this description to all dead people. I tend to believe that they got beautiful before their leaving. So, I always think of them people who are no longer around and who were blessed to leave that they actually did so in their best.  I wold love to believe that t they all enjoy their other start. They would remain beautiful in my eyes. Forget not, they are beautiful.  May they all rest in peace.

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Published on August 11 2013

في ليلة زواجه وبالتحديد أثناء الزفة وهو جالس بجانب العروس في المنصة همست العروس في أذنه بإنزال والدته من المنصة لأنها لا تعجبها ! فأخذ العريس الميكروفون وقال : " من يشتري أمي؟ " فذهل الحاضرون من تصرفه ،، ورددها ثلاث مرات وسط صمت واستغراب شديدين من الحضور في الحفل !! ثم رمى "الخاتم" وقال : " أنا أشتري أمي " والتفت إلى عروسه معلناً طلاقه منها ،، وقال "أنا أشتري أمي"، وأخذها وغادر القاعة . وبعد تداول القصة في منطقته جاءه رجل وقال له " لن أجد رجلاً افضل منك لابنتي " وزوجه ابنته دون أي تكاليف مالية اللهم اجعل امهاتنا من سيدات الجنه ادعى لوالدتك هذا الدعاء ((اللهم اجعل أمـَي ممن تقول لها النار: {أعبري فإن نورك أطفأ نــاري } وتقول لها الجنه... : { أقبلي فقد اشتقت إليك قبل ان أراك 


On the night of his wedding ceremony, while he was sitting next to his -to-be-wife, this latter whispered into his ear to have his mther moved away from where they were sitting because she has a very strong dislike for his mother. He immediately picked a microphone and shouted into it: ' who wants to buy my mother!" All attendees were taken aback by what he was doing. He repeated his querry three times amid the silence and the astonishement of the peple around him. Then he threw his weding ring and declared 'I am buying her!" and looked towards his-to-be-wife and annonced his dovorcing her and left the room. After his story spread around the region he lives in, he received the visit of a man who told him 'I will not find a husband better than you for my daughter!" He wed his daughter to him without asking him to put in any of his money into this (in the social tradition behind the story, a husband has to pay a dowry to his wife's family and has also to spend money for the weding ceremony).  

Please God make our mothers the ladies of Heaven. A prayer formothers: May my mother be among those to whom Hell would say 'You can cross, your light has put off my fire'  and Heaven would tell them 'Come forward, I miss you before having seen you.' 

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Published on August 12 2012

Well, I definitely took along time before coming over here. Here means writing it. I have always feared writing. For me writing means toying with words and that consequently leads to toying with the truth. Yes, when you write you are asked first and foremost to find the right words for conveying the meaning you want. And believe me that can't be one without losing on the truth front. Everyone who has spent some time handling this topic have come to agree that it is very difficult to "word" it whatever that 'it' may be.

However, by doing this, I find myself in a state of shocking passivity. It has to start somewhere be it the truth or the near-truth.  Nobody would deny the therapeutic role of writing. When you write it or about it, you deliver yourself of a burden and you share with others your 'inner' self.  You in other words respond to a need to let it out. It is probably thsi side of writing which makes it difficult. You know, to what extent are you ready to unclothe yourself? The more layers of 'clothes' you keep the less truth you express.

This should not be taken to mean that all writng is quasi impossible. there are areas in which one can indulge without having to reveal the self in the sense stated in the above paragraph. This blog is definitely not going to be about my SELF' but it will be about things related to myself: my academic,  social, personal, and professional interests. I guess that I have around long to enough to say that I have experience to share and enough space to learn more. Yes, there is no writing without experience and learning. It's your experience and your readiness to learn that would make of you a person who can have the readiness to write What you would write would or wouldn't be intersting.  Howver, the stage "interseting" in case it is lacking can be achieved through perseverance; nobody is born a writer. I believe that writing is not an innate, a biological endowment taht we are born equipped with. It si a skill that we learn at all phases of our life.

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