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Published on May 31 2015

When I was in my 20s, I didn’t ever really think that my body would fail. Now I’m in my 59s, I have to face a different reality – I, like everyone else, am slowly falling apart. There are plenty of things I can do to reduce the rate of decline, but I can’t stop it. As far as evolution is concerned, I’m not perfect at all. I’m just about good enough. And I’m mortal.

Me myself does not know where

Where can I do what I have learnt to undo.

This life is but an undoing of me.

Myself does not understand

I can't forever stand

No need to tell the sand

The wind will blow it away.

A bomb won't do better;

I am then I was.

Life is but a slipping ground

I can't stop me

Me doing my fate

Is to do a to live?

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Written by taoufikafkinich

Published on #Poetry

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