Mothers' worth (Arabic + my translation)

Published on August 11 2013

في ليلة زواجه وبالتحديد أثناء الزفة وهو جالس بجانب العروس في المنصة همست العروس في أذنه بإنزال والدته من المنصة لأنها لا تعجبها ! فأخذ العريس الميكروفون وقال : " من يشتري أمي؟ " فذهل الحاضرون من تصرفه ،، ورددها ثلاث مرات وسط صمت واستغراب شديدين من الحضور في الحفل !! ثم رمى "الخاتم" وقال : " أنا أشتري أمي " والتفت إلى عروسه معلناً طلاقه منها ،، وقال "أنا أشتري أمي"، وأخذها وغادر القاعة . وبعد تداول القصة في منطقته جاءه رجل وقال له " لن أجد رجلاً افضل منك لابنتي " وزوجه ابنته دون أي تكاليف مالية اللهم اجعل امهاتنا من سيدات الجنه ادعى لوالدتك هذا الدعاء ((اللهم اجعل أمـَي ممن تقول لها النار: {أعبري فإن نورك أطفأ نــاري } وتقول لها الجنه... : { أقبلي فقد اشتقت إليك قبل ان أراك 


On the night of his wedding ceremony, while he was sitting next to his -to-be-wife, this latter whispered into his ear to have his mther moved away from where they were sitting because she has a very strong dislike for his mother. He immediately picked a microphone and shouted into it: ' who wants to buy my mother!" All attendees were taken aback by what he was doing. He repeated his querry three times amid the silence and the astonishement of the peple around him. Then he threw his weding ring and declared 'I am buying her!" and looked towards his-to-be-wife and annonced his dovorcing her and left the room. After his story spread around the region he lives in, he received the visit of a man who told him 'I will not find a husband better than you for my daughter!" He wed his daughter to him without asking him to put in any of his money into this (in the social tradition behind the story, a husband has to pay a dowry to his wife's family and has also to spend money for the weding ceremony).  

Please God make our mothers the ladies of Heaven. A prayer formothers: May my mother be among those to whom Hell would say 'You can cross, your light has put off my fire'  and Heaven would tell them 'Come forward, I miss you before having seen you.' 

Written by taoufikafkinich

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