It has to start somewhere

Published on August 12 2012

Well, I definitely took along time before coming over here. Here means writing it. I have always feared writing. For me writing means toying with words and that consequently leads to toying with the truth. Yes, when you write you are asked first and foremost to find the right words for conveying the meaning you want. And believe me that can't be one without losing on the truth front. Everyone who has spent some time handling this topic have come to agree that it is very difficult to "word" it whatever that 'it' may be.

However, by doing this, I find myself in a state of shocking passivity. It has to start somewhere be it the truth or the near-truth.  Nobody would deny the therapeutic role of writing. When you write it or about it, you deliver yourself of a burden and you share with others your 'inner' self.  You in other words respond to a need to let it out. It is probably thsi side of writing which makes it difficult. You know, to what extent are you ready to unclothe yourself? The more layers of 'clothes' you keep the less truth you express.

This should not be taken to mean that all writng is quasi impossible. there are areas in which one can indulge without having to reveal the self in the sense stated in the above paragraph. This blog is definitely not going to be about my SELF' but it will be about things related to myself: my academic,  social, personal, and professional interests. I guess that I have around long to enough to say that I have experience to share and enough space to learn more. Yes, there is no writing without experience and learning. It's your experience and your readiness to learn that would make of you a person who can have the readiness to write What you would write would or wouldn't be intersting.  Howver, the stage "interseting" in case it is lacking can be achieved through perseverance; nobody is born a writer. I believe that writing is not an innate, a biological endowment taht we are born equipped with. It si a skill that we learn at all phases of our life.

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