Egypt, again

Published on August 22 2013

Egypt has done it again! A court order has Hosni Mubarek freed from prison; howver, the country's decision makers (the government? the Military?) declared that he is to be transferred to house arrest!

Is this what would courts and their orders be submitted in post-Mubarek Egypt? To be disregarded?

Talking about post-Mubarek Egypyt,  I find most surprising is what The New york Times published on 21st August, 20133 on the occasion of the transfer of Mubarek to Al Maadi Hospital (instead of the expected house arrest.:


"Reached by telephone and told that Mr. Mubarak’s release from prison now looked imminent, Ahmed Maher, the founder of the 6th of April youth group that helped start the revolution, was initially silent for several moments.


“I’m shocked,” he said.


But he said he saw no likelihood of street protests because opponents of the government had been cowed into silence by widespread killings and arrests.


“If anybody even thinks of objecting, they will suffer,” he said.


“If anybody dares express opposition against the government or the president or the military, they’ll be accused of treason and called a Muslim Brother in hiding,” Mr. Maher said.


In Tahrir Square in Cairo, where protesters once hung banners and nooses demanding Mr. Mubarak’s execution, public opinion appeared to have moved on. No one seemed to care much about Mr. Mubarak’s fate. The only ones who did seemed to be groups of Western journalists looking for reactions." 


If what is said above is to be believed, I find it hard to continue believing that it is the Tahrir Square people who ousted both Mubarek and Morsi from power. Could it be the case that the powers-to-be are some one else other than what we have alwyas been led to believe? Are we here given a lobby view of the reality of the Arab spring? Can anyone maintain that "scared" people have the ability to cause socio-political change? Or is it the case that tomorrow has many other things in store for us? 

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