Change my mind? Don't I have the right to?

Published on September 23 2014 

Can we blame a person for changing their mind? Don't say / believe that time teaches us that truth is an instable notion? What was true yesterday may not betrue today :/ tomorrow. If any lesson to be drawn from this is that when you are listening to a politician speaking bear in mind that what is said by the person is, indeed, constrained by the circumstances, tThat's for one.The second thing is to positively re-evaluate that saying of our forefathers which I translate as follows 'Better think a thousand times before you use the knife"   (مائة تخميمة و تخميمة و لا ضربة بالمقس ). I guess that is some piece of advice that can't be adopted by any politician on earth, let alone ours. 


Let me make myself clear, I am not advocating that politics and saying the truth don't go together. On the contrary I do advocate that politics, the world of politics, won't get into the heart of people in the absence of an approach based on truth. Do you want us to belong, talk to us using a language full of truth. Many people, including Moroccans, don't get involved into politics (including the voting part of it) mainly because of the lack of truth in the mouth of politicians. Throughout time, those in politics have succeeded into establishing a very close link between their politics and the lack of the necessity to tell the truth. This is something that should change in the world of today. The world of today has a stronger 'memory' than that of the past.

Written by taoufikafkinich

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