A 1st July post

Published on July 1 2013

1st July.

Looks like summer is here for good. This does not stop people from thinking about real serious matters. The IRCAM is organizing a 1-day confere It is starting at 6 pm with something like 5 people intervening in the opening session and then another 11 presentations.nce to handle the startegies and the management of the officialization of Tamazight language. Come on, you must be kidding ! 17 presentations starting at 6 pm! When do you expect to finish? at 6 am? By the standards of all world exisiting cultures, serious things need time, something which the IRCAM does not seeem to care for

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A.Tounssi 08/07/2013 04:11

Hi professor,

Im interested in this event. But I dont know what will it take place?

Best regards