Published on November 20 2013

It' has been quite awhile that I have ot invited myself to this blog. My reason for this is that I got myself caught is so many things that when I look back at it now I can't help but observe how crazy I have been. One should definitely pace down and "savourer" every moment of their life. We, by definition, cannot carry out  all the things we would love to achieve. How can we when we know that we do not devote the necessary time to these things?

There are so many things that I would still love to do but I have t stop and decide which ones deserve one'sattention.  I am not sure what my future decisions would look like but definitely I am goign to be different. I am going to be different. I have to. I can't help but be different if I want to make the most of what's left. Yeah, Abdelkbir is lurking behind and doing his job, I guess.

Nobody knows for  sure that they are going to live for long but everybody wants just that. We dislike to be reminded that the final trip can be sudden. It's a trip that life should have prpeared us for.  But it does not. We end our life story so suddenly and so abruptly that our people do not take this in very easily, the way they should. They should know that evryone goes there, evrything is destined for that final trip. I hate using the word 'die', I 'll use 'leave' instead or some other more acceptable term. It's more acceptable, for me at least. Don't ask me why because I don't know. I would love to saty with the belief that this only leaving and nothing more. The idea probably has its roots in the belief that there is something on the other side, that it is not the end when you leave but rather it's a kind of start.

I remember once I was on board a taxi in Casablanaca and we started, the taxi driver and myself, chatting about things. One thing I would never forget is his description of life. He said that life is to be likened to a would-bebride. As soon as she gets  beautiful, she leaves; and she does this very quickly. You know the kind of feeling that parents / family have when they attend the wedding ceremony and witness the beginning of the change in the relation with the person. She already starts being part of another world. At times, she gets completely involved with that new world and devotes less and less time and attention to her old one. 

I have extended this description to all dead people. I tend to believe that they got beautiful before their leaving. So, I always think of them people who are no longer around and who were blessed to leave that they actually did so in their best.  I wold love to believe that t they all enjoy their other start. They would remain beautiful in my eyes. Forget not, they are beautiful.  May they all rest in peace.

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