Published on February 11 2018

Justice is a tricky word. My belief is that with the rise of the city there also rose a need (urgent?) to give it an objectifying touch. Plato, , one of the very first to have toyed with this notion in a principled way in his work The Republic, somehow failed to come up with a convincing definition thereof. Many would, rightly so, claim that legality (in all its forms) follows from power not from justice.

It looks like it that today justice is weighed through the practice of democracy. The more democracy you have, the better is the justice you enjoy. Note that I have used the comparative because I guess power, which is at the root of justice is never fully in the hands of a unique social group. One of the consequences is that justice becomes gradable / scalable  in nature and some people enjoy  more justice than others.

Written by taoufikafkinich

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