Death, the enemy

Published on June 10 2015

It is so strange how we love to ignore the reality of death. We relinquish in ignoring this anti-reality. And we call it an event, an unpleasant one though. To be an event it has to be eventful, doesn't it? Death presumes the end of ti, whatever that "it" is. It is the antonym of existence.

A dear friend of mine has just passed away (Last night). Laila Ibnlfassi, ceased to exist. Amazing I am already using the simple past!!!

Your death, Leila, is a loss. As is always the case, the dear ones die unexpectedly. I was looking forward to meeting you this end of year somewhere in Rabat. It looks like that this is yet another to be missed meeting. You lived as a stranger and you died as a stranger.

May you rest in peace.

إنا للـه وإنا إليه راجعون.

Written by taoufikafkinich

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Khelelaine Mohammed 06/10/2015 23:24

Once Tolstoy said that "what tells man how he should live his life is the thought that he must die one day." I hope that your dear friend lived a prosporous life and left good things for which to be remembered .... Yeah, it's strange how we immediately change the phraseology we use to talk about a person...maybe this change is a signal for our minds that a person's existence is not only fading away in real life....but also in our minds ....this is what all humans are: the present and the past....the cyclical form of life...May she rest in peace