Me, myself

Published on May 31 2015

When I was in my 20s, I didn’t ever really think that my body would fail. Now I’m in my 59s, I have to face a different reality – I, like everyone else, am slowly falling apart. There are plenty of things I can do to reduce the rate of decline, but I can’t stop it. As far as evolution is concerned, I’m not perfect at all. I’m just about good enough. And I’m mortal.

Me myself does not know where

Where can I do what I have learnt to undo.

This life is but an undoing of me.

Myself does not understand

I can't forever stand

No need to tell the sand

The wind will blow it away.

A bomb won't do better;

I am then I was.

Life is but a slipping ground

I can't stop me

Me doing my fate

Is to do a to live?

Written by taoufikafkinich

Published on #Poetry

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Somewhere between following my parents' guidelines on how to lead my life and trying to find some form a pleasure in being alive (and miserably failing), I now find myself stuck. At 27, that's quite the predicament. <br /> <br /> When the university of ibn tofail gave me the proverbial axe (or more like, the proverbial finger), I didn't think it was that big of a deal (or to put it bluntly, I said screw them). After all, I only applied there because my sister kept badgering me about finally studying something I’d actually enjoy (I was a business major a lifetime ago) and, in all honestly, it was an effective way to keep my parents off of my case while I basked in the pleasure of unemployment for a bit longer.<br /> <br /> However, finding this blog and reading your entries knowing that you would have been a professor from whom I could've leant a lot...I have to admit, I can't help but feel disappointed that I'm never going to be one of your student. Your apparent love for the English language and dedication to it is amazing and inspiring. <br /> <br /> I didn't think our messed up educational system included kindled spirits such as yourself, most of the teacher and professors seem to suffer from some sort of disenchantment after years of dealing with students who have made a career out of being a university student, jumping from one major to another in a desperate attempt to find something they are good at, and failing because they lack a solid foundation to begin with.<br /> <br /> I guess it's my loss, right? It’s alright as I am no stranger to missed chances. It wasn’t meant to be or something. That’s what people say to make themselves feel better, like the fox who couldn’t reach the grapes. This isn’t going to damper my passion for the English language and literature, and I’ll continue to translate fanfictions for the fun of it, just as I’ve been doing for years now. <br /> <br /> I look forward to reading more entries on this blog and I wish you a fun back to school week. Thank you for being you. I’m sure your parents God bless their souls are tremendously proud.
FYI, I obviouly meant kindred spirit, not kindled haha the autocorrect on my ipad is going to be the death of me someday. Bye
This is life Sir! Hatch, match and dispatch! Life's cycle is so weird, but very normal.